Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Boys Clothes


I stayed up way to late the other night making Bat pants for my little man, I am stoked with how they turned out, its a mostly self drafted (I used the measurements off the crotch of another pair of pants).. so I think they qualify as my own!!LOL

My dad dropped off some bags of clothes that were going to the oppy and I found a great orange T-shirt that I cut down to a long sleeve T-shirt and appliqu├ęd(sp) a bat out of my bat print.. I love this print!!

And an awesome lady sent me some fabric that I have made a pair of PJ's for my little man, it is invincible boy print... Way cute!!! there will be more of these jimjams..
thanks for looking.. excuse the crappy photo's I want a new camera desperately...

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