Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More boys pants!!!

Yep thats right... I am really chuffed with these style pants, I like the rolled hem, I should get years out of them I All except I cant work out how I want to do the waist band, I have tried 3 diff ways so far and not happy with any.. I got some of this fabric really cheap at spotlight so the fabric all up probably amounts to $2 per pair of pants.. bargain!!! I have decided I am not buying clothes for Quinn anymore I am just going to make them, Taegan is a bit harder to please tho!
Anyhoo here are the pants, the darker ones are filthy cause he was wearing them in the yard today but I shook the crap out of them so they are passable for a pic.. and they look majorly cute on him..

Also is one of two baby wrap tops from otto that I made, I made one for a friends little bub Atticus and one for my sis inlaw's bub Elwood..

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Suze said...

UNreal!! Damn you're so clever :D The pants are totally groovy, and I just love the print for the tops :D
Have you thought about doing a market stall? I reckon you'd make a mint! People love original clothes for their kiddos these days.