Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Bea

This is a cute little jumper, it was the first time I have had to follow a non english pattern so I just put it together how I thought it should go... :)

Kids clothes...

The groova got some shorts a while back..
This crazy fabric came out of my mums stash from when we were!

Little miss got a new purple stretch denim skirt and a cute top.
I am most impressed with my zipper efforts.. getting so much better..yay for me
the purple denim was out of mums stash so sadly limited, and I wish I had of bought more of the pink stretch when I could... but really how much is too much?

I used press studs instead of buttons because Taegan says they are easier... makes my job easier too.. :)

Thats right... I love this one!

I made mum a bag for christmas, its the Wasp bag that I made a few months back from the very clever machen machen, there is a link in my older post about the wasp bag..

I found some fabulous fabric from spotlight with phoenix's on it..I lurve it!

I used metallic thread to topstitch the bag....OMG what a pain in the rear... not something I would choose to do again in a hurry...

Ok just dooo ittt!!!

Jeebus it has been ages since I have updated anything...I have been such a slacker since Christmas. I didn't want to put anything up until I had given everyone their gifts...
Anyhoo it is late so I will try to make sense..

I got the Olivia pattern FINALLY and I love it, so cute and so easy and so fun to make...
I made one in a size 2 and the other in a size 6ish..

Quinn was really not happy to model a dress for me.... poor kid the things he does for his mama..!

I can see me making lots more of these......

I made for the little brother of the first Olivia a pair of Ottobre Aqua shorts, they come together really nice..

I am sure I have made more over the last month I just need to think...haha

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New years resolution...

Is to update my blog...!