Monday, May 19, 2008

Shopa's Tablecloth..!

This was some fabric a friend had used as a tablecloth for a shabby chic theme, and this is what I have done with some of it while the child slept... yep thats right he had a nap!!! whoot
I think he is coming down with a cold!!!
Quinn is my lovely model again, he is at the age where dresses don't bother him, Don tells me he is going to be at an age that he wont let me use him as a model soon, or with pink dresses anyway!!

Frilly Flounce!!

I made some shorts.. some more of the Stacey
I absolutely love the way these shorts turned out... they are from the latest Otto..
Quinn is my model, but these pants are way too small for him, they are a 1T, he is a 2T/3T..
I will be making a T-shirt to go with these pants..

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Get Happier....

To keep my self busy today so I didn't feel too flat I made some stuff...
To start with I wanted something quick and easy and my little girl is having a particularly old day, I don't know if in some kooky way she is having a rememberence day like my self about Tre'Boy or if she is a little under the weather.. anyhoo I made her a jumper..
She loves curling up on my shawl, not that she curls very well she is a barrel on 2 inch legs!!
I think I might be washing that shawl before I wear it next..

My Tre'Boy

Well I cant believe it has been 12 months already!!!
I still cry at the drop of a hat over him... :(
He was such a beautiful dog..
I miss my baby boy..

We were both young pups here....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yay Batteries!!

Ok here is the little dress with shorties for Stace's neice.. these wont fit her untill Summer..

And here is a close up of the rainbow fabric.. it is so cute.. I used green and purple thread on the binding, I dont think you can see it too well with my camera..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ahh well

Done catching up on the blogging, time for a cuppa and some other blog surfing..
But before I go, some random home shots of this last week!!

This is my beautiful Mothers Day card that my big girl gave me, I love it..

She Came home from her dads after having a fantastic time at the Teddy bears Picnic in Castlemaine with her face painted, it is amazing.. I think it was actually the Castlemaine Peace Festival...

Taegan's rabbit Custard.. it is her first Winter, she comes inside of the night..spoilt thing!
She is extremely cute, she is a Dwarf Lop, in saying that she isn't so small...
And in the yard, Dont you love the way kids put their bikes away, even when you supply them a bike rack they seem to think this is how you stack the bl**dy things..LOL

More sewing..I will call it my Stacey Session..

I am sewing for a friend of mine who has a new niece, so I will be calling what I make for her Stacey Sessions..LOL
I really hope they like what I am making..
The first item was a little pirate suite..

Then I made a little Romper out of the latest Otto..And I have made a little dress with shorties but I cant post them until Don comes home with batteries for the camera!

Strawberry Vintage!!

I made my first Vintage dress out of this old pattern of my mums and inside it I found a cut of fabric she had made me a dress out of.. kooky!I think if I was going to make this again I will change a fair bit.. still cute tho!

Mothers Day Gifts..

This year I made mothers Day gifts.
CAR LITTER BAGS.. I saw some on Etsy for sale and thought they were a great idea for gifts..

Oh Yeah its RAINING!!!!!

FINALLY Central Vic gets some rain, it is so dry here at the moment its sad.. but the season has turned it is a pretty time of year..
This is taken out my kitchen window..
Oh the green patch of lawn is from my washing machine, an oasis in amongst dust for the kids and animals!!

Busy Busy

I have been busy busy and have neglected the blog once again!! and I still don't have batteries for my camera, I always forget the batteries until I try to take a photo and the camera shuts down!!!
I have sent Don on a mission to get me batteries and a fly swat on his way home from work so hopefully tomorrow I can take some pics of stuff!!
I am going to make a few posts of different things I am doing so I don't fall over my self so bare with me.