Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sick kids...

I hate it when my babies are sick.. this time my big girl is sick.. A day off school and some warmth and a vegetate in order.. hopefully she will sleep past the crack of dawn tomorrow.. I really dont know how me of all people who thinks the best bit of sleep is 6am to 10am can have kids that get up at 6am!! its no fair, thats the best snuggle under the doona time of day...
Oh wella, I guess it means no going out in the crispy morning for the school run for the rest of us to..!!
Oh gosh I am tired I feel like I am making no sense... I'M GOING TO BED... night xo


Make that twice.. I am going to buy him a safety rail me thinks!!!
I thought he would be ok after spending so many nights in my bed.. LOL

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quinn's first night in his own big bed!! woohoo

Quinn is in his own BIG bed (c/o Grandies for his birthday) and he was so excited when we set it up..
So far tonight he has only fallen out once.. I heard a thump so I went in there and turned the light on to find him sitting on the floor rubbing his head and pointing to the bed saying OOOHHaaah.. So cute, so we read another book and he crashed.. I haven't heard any bumps since!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Cake!!!

WooHoo Quinn's guitar... I am not sure what I will be making him next year, someone suggested a drum cake with working cymbals..LOL

And one of the boy today with his real one..

We Plugged him in!!

Good lawdy, he is his dads boy..

My Little Man is 2!!!

Wow, I really can't believe how quick life goes by these days.. my kids are growing up so quickly I could cry..
Quinn turned 2 yesterday and we had a little party for him today..
He is such a beautiful little boy, so cruisy and happy, he makes me laugh my tooshi of most of the day..

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Mighty Groovin Quinn

I didn't realise I could add videos until the other day, so I am going to put the one of my little groova dancing while his dad is in the shed rehearsing..
He is guitar obsessed, if he doesn't have an object of any kind in his hand to pretend its a guitar he will just air guitar.. it is hilarious!!
It was taken in Feb 08

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I just want to share..

My Angel Cake
This child of mine is just amazing... And how beautiful is she in this pic.!
She was a flower girl in a friend of ours wedding and she was sitting in the gutter waiting while the bridesmaids got their pictures taken, and the bride asked the photographer to snap Taegan in such a Taegan pose.. I love it that it is so her. My friend gave me this pic in a gorgeous frame for my birthday, I had a tear, I was so touched.. Oh god I'm a sop I know!! lol

My girl did the most beautiful thing last week..
She came in early and told me to just stay in bed because she heard Quinn up all night crying etc, she told me she has made her lunch and packed her bag and is all ready to go to school when we need to, and she will quietly watch tv so I can get some sleep.. God love her!! she is awesome, amazing and has such a generous soul.. I must be doing something right with this one.. ;-)
She is growing up so incredibly fast..
xoxo Taegan I love you honey xoxo

My Cheeky Chocolattte Boy..

I forgot to put this up the other day..
Now that my nearly 2 yr old is climbing out of bed he is oh so quietly getting into mischief in the mornings...
I woke up to the stench of a nappy needing to be changed and as I opened my eyes I had these brown hands launching for my face..well i nearly back flipped over Don, caught the hands before they touched anything thinking OMFG.. well thank goodness there was the sweet smell of chocolate not what I was expecting...hang on a minute what the!!! Oh god no, I left the drinking choc on the bench the night before... as I walked into the lounge I see the container on the coffee table and chocolate silt all over (cringe), I keep walking into the kitchen where Quinn had beat me to and I found him sitting in the middle of it with a bubble blower making chocolattttte fun!!!! I could not even be angry, I was more relieved that it was choc brown all over rather than poo all over!!!
Oh there is actually a print on the front of his t-shirt it was so thick with choc silt you couldn't see

My Vacuum wasn't a happy camper after cleaning the chocolate silt.. it was a bit buuuurrry to.. What is it with me and household appliances????


Well the mums on the forum reckon wizzed Ice-cream is the shibang..Well I couln't wizz it for the life of me, it just wouldnt wizz dang it.. i think I stuffed my wizza, its sounding really buuurrrrrish and sparking on the inside....hhhhmmmm honey I broke the wizza!!
I ended up mixing it by hand with my flashy red go faster spatula.. it kinda worked..
here is a pic of what we ended up with once I mixed the m&m's and crushed maltesers in it!!

Hmmmm not so appealing huh!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More boys pants!!!

Yep thats right... I am really chuffed with these style pants, I like the rolled hem, I should get years out of them I All except I cant work out how I want to do the waist band, I have tried 3 diff ways so far and not happy with any.. I got some of this fabric really cheap at spotlight so the fabric all up probably amounts to $2 per pair of pants.. bargain!!! I have decided I am not buying clothes for Quinn anymore I am just going to make them, Taegan is a bit harder to please tho!
Anyhoo here are the pants, the darker ones are filthy cause he was wearing them in the yard today but I shook the crap out of them so they are passable for a pic.. and they look majorly cute on him..

Also is one of two baby wrap tops from otto that I made, I made one for a friends little bub Atticus and one for my sis inlaw's bub Elwood..

Boys Clothes


I stayed up way to late the other night making Bat pants for my little man, I am stoked with how they turned out, its a mostly self drafted (I used the measurements off the crotch of another pair of pants).. so I think they qualify as my own!!LOL

My dad dropped off some bags of clothes that were going to the oppy and I found a great orange T-shirt that I cut down to a long sleeve T-shirt and appliqu├ęd(sp) a bat out of my bat print.. I love this print!!

And an awesome lady sent me some fabric that I have made a pair of PJ's for my little man, it is invincible boy print... Way cute!!! there will be more of these jimjams..
thanks for looking.. excuse the crappy photo's I want a new camera desperately...