Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well the mums on the forum reckon wizzed Ice-cream is the shibang..Well I couln't wizz it for the life of me, it just wouldnt wizz dang it.. i think I stuffed my wizza, its sounding really buuurrrrrish and sparking on the inside....hhhhmmmm honey I broke the wizza!!
I ended up mixing it by hand with my flashy red go faster spatula.. it kinda worked..
here is a pic of what we ended up with once I mixed the m&m's and crushed maltesers in it!!

Hmmmm not so appealing huh!!

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Suze said...

LOL Food processor all the way for the wizzed ice cream babe ;) You know, the one with the big bowl? Must say, I haven't even tried it myself... my idea of whipped icecream is to stir with the spoon til it's smooth, once it gets soft enough to do so LOL

LOL the word wizz always makes me think of pee PMSL My bro always used to say he needed to 'take a wizz' :P