Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Derby Saved My Soul....and gut...and rear!

The Dolls and I have decided we would share some before and after pics... The change in body shape for every single one of our girls has been amazing, whether they have been over weight or thin to begin with. All the girls even the slimmer girls get more shape, look healthier, look stronger and seem to stand with so much more confidence.
For me personally I feel better than I have for years even pre kids when I was a lot smaller.
I realised whilst looking through photo albums that I didn't let people take many pics of me when I was at my biggest but I did manage to find one in there that was taken just before I started derby and compared it to one taken the 24th of Oct this year (the day I broke myself).
I will never complain about doing another sit up in my life!

Friday, November 12, 2010

jeeps well it has been awhile...again!

A word from the worlds slackest blogger...
I really should update this thing a lot more, well maybe I will now that I have broken my damn leg and cant do much else but sit on my bum while it heals!
Roller Derby seems to have consumed my life for the last 18 months, it has been a crazy awesome journey and have loved every moment...well nearly every!
I broke my leg at a family and friends scrimmage we played in a few weeks ago and have been off it for nearly 3 weeks...I don't think I have ever been bored in my life until now, there is always something to do as a mum or crafter but at the moment I am sitting, reading, smegbooking...I have attempted a few loads of dishes, I only seem to last until my toes go purple and foot feels like it's about to drop off....ahhh well the price you pay for fun hey!
Here are some photos of the leg.

This one was taken by Scarlett Savage a few seconds after the crunch... I won't repeat what I was saying!

This is the before x-rayThis is the after op part bionic, shame they just couldn't give me the set up they gave the guy in the movie Kick Ass!
Not gonna be a pretty scar!
Now that I have some spare bum time I might blog about some other stuff thats been happening over the last year!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where does the time go?

I can't believe August was the last time I made a post!

Lots of stuff has been happening in the land of T, Not much sewing though!

My sewing stuff is still in boxes, I make the occasional thing but not like I used to. We are getting a big bus to park in the backyard to store all of the stuff thats in the back room then hopefully kitchen time!! I am so over cooking on a stove top with no oven..

I am still in love with Roller Derby, I don't think that will change anytime soon. I had a nasty sprain a few months ago that left me with a cankle (calf/ankle) and off the skates for 5 weeks, I managed to keep busy with the admin side of derby for awhile.

This was taken at the hospital about 3 hours after it happened.

This was a few days later, the bruise got worse a few days after this too, it went from my toes and up my leg like a sock!

We had an interview with a local magazine that came out at the start of December, here is one of the pics that the magazine gave us, the team has grown a lot since these pics were taken.

Here is a link to our roller derby blog Dragon City Derby Dolls

Friday, August 28, 2009


At the moment I dont have anywhere to sew in our new house, occasionally set up on the coffee table but the back doesn't like that much, so until I get a new kitchen and an extra room I wont be doing much! :(
BUT... I have found a new hobby to keep me busy and it is taking over my life, I love it... ROLLER DERBY!!!! OMG how much fun, if I had of known how much fun roller skates were I would have started a long time ago...
So please excuse the lack of craftiness in my blog for a while.. -_-

Friday, June 19, 2009

..........need to update more!!

Ok I am reeeeally going to try and update over the next while... after moving house and not have anywhere to sew or the mojo to do it I have badly neglected my blog... even my dad got on my case about my lack of updating the blog..haha

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Bea

This is a cute little jumper, it was the first time I have had to follow a non english pattern so I just put it together how I thought it should go... :)

Kids clothes...

The groova got some shorts a while back..
This crazy fabric came out of my mums stash from when we were!

Little miss got a new purple stretch denim skirt and a cute top.
I am most impressed with my zipper efforts.. getting so much better..yay for me
the purple denim was out of mums stash so sadly limited, and I wish I had of bought more of the pink stretch when I could... but really how much is too much?

I used press studs instead of buttons because Taegan says they are easier... makes my job easier too.. :)