Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm a slack blogger!!

Geez I know I am soo slack when it comes to blogging.. I sometime go to write something then just don't have the energy to do it!!
I have been trying to get my self on a bit of a heath fit kick thingy, the first week I have walked or done the exercise bike for about 5 ks a day except Saturday, and ate really healthy, actually had breakfast!! thats huge for me.. Anyhoo, I lost 1.4 kilos and am stoked with that effort..
This week I have been doing about the same probably more exercise except I caved 2 nights this week and had chocolate.. so we will see on Tuesday if I lost any thing.. wish me luck..
I started at 78.7 kilos and my goal weight is to get down to 64 kilos which I feel the most comfy at.. The weight seems to stick to me after my 2nd baby, which was hard to accept because I have never had to worry about my weight untill after my boy..
When I weigh on Tuesday I will make an effort to write in here how I went, Don did all my measurements last week so I will check them too and write them in..
I have been doing lots of sewing too so I will put some things up that I have made too...