Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I just want to share..

My Angel Cake
This child of mine is just amazing... And how beautiful is she in this pic.!
She was a flower girl in a friend of ours wedding and she was sitting in the gutter waiting while the bridesmaids got their pictures taken, and the bride asked the photographer to snap Taegan in such a Taegan pose.. I love it that it is so her. My friend gave me this pic in a gorgeous frame for my birthday, I had a tear, I was so touched.. Oh god I'm a sop I know!! lol

My girl did the most beautiful thing last week..
She came in early and told me to just stay in bed because she heard Quinn up all night crying etc, she told me she has made her lunch and packed her bag and is all ready to go to school when we need to, and she will quietly watch tv so I can get some sleep.. God love her!! she is awesome, amazing and has such a generous soul.. I must be doing something right with this one.. ;-)
She is growing up so incredibly fast..
xoxo Taegan I love you honey xoxo


Sally Q said...

Of all the beautiful photos we have from our wedding, this is one of my favourites! She's a very special kid and I love her to bits!

Suze said...

This is truly such an amazing pic hon. Just love it. :D

Congrats on your wedding Sally. One very gorgeous flower girl you had there!