Friday, November 28, 2008


I found some goody mushroom goodness from spotlight today.. and some cute circus fabric.. there was so much yummy stuff that I want but I think maybe I should make to sell some stuff so I can go buy more..haha
STOKED!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grocery Bag

Grocery bags I think are going to be on my christmas list, I think these are better than the green bags, aside from being more enviro friendly they are space economical too.. :)
Here is a LINK..
And here are some pics....

My pattern piece, next time I think I will use a bigger bag..

Don is starting to call me the bag lady...he aint seen nuthin yet!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Gorgeous and grown up is my big girl... I was going through the school newsletter today and have to fill in her book list for next year and it only just hit that she is going to be in grade 3 next year... OMG!!

I remember being in grade 3, I met people I am still so close with... I might hunt down some old pics when I go to mum and dads next..


Central Vic feels like it has had an iceberg hit, it is freezing here....brrrrrr
Quinn has been growing so much that all his jumpers are too short for him and I have been wanting to make this little Otto pattern for ages...very cute!

Aren't we cute......

Friday, November 21, 2008

Learning to sew.. :)

My big girl has been asking me to learn how to sew but it is usually when I am in the middle of something..typical! lol
Anyhoo after I finished making my bag the other night I thought I would start by getting her to sew on a scrap to get used to it and use back stitch etc... Ahh such a proud moment!

Next I think we will make a bag or cushion but I will get her to cut the fabric and start from scratch...and not at 7.30 pm....

Don't look at the chaos, you can tell when I have been sewing, my table looks like a bomb has gone does the house actually!

Added Button

I found a button that had came off one of my fake fur jackets that I haven't worn for years, in fact I think the jacket is still in a box from the last move so when I find it I will take the other button off it for the other side of the bag!! I think the button sets the bag off nice, it now feels more finished..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love this bag!!

I love the way this bag turned out. It is The Wasp Bag from machen/machen and the tutorial is from here..
I had a few issues with the destructions but I think it was all me.. haha
Anyhoo, here is a pic....
I am going to hunt for some buttons to fit on the tear drop bit of the handle..
The inside pocket and key thingy!!

I think I will definantly make this bag again but it did take me alot longer than I had expected!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Comic.. haha

I love these wrong but so funny!!
They are from

Monday, November 3, 2008

My day...WHOA

What a day I had!!!
I got up this morning and wrote out a cover letter for the Australian Defence Apparel while I had coffee and emailed it off to my mums work for her to proof it, hopped in the shower got all fluffed up, even put eyeliner and mascara on !!
Felt really confident leaving the house and as I was unlocking the flywire door with an arm full of bits I started to drop them and as I caught them my plastic folder that had my resume in it came up and straight into my open eyeball....MY GOD it hurt and I have a scratch across it, so after cursing crying cursing some more screaming the universe is against me getting a job we go to... hmm well emergency is the only place in bendigo with the eye machine!! whats with that... so off to emergency and it is PACKED even the ambulances were parked across the road because there were 6 in the bays and a taxi already...far out mondays aye the grog has worn off and people have just realised how hurt they are from their weekend!! the nurse said mondays are the worst day!!
After about an hour with a 2 year old and me finally being able to open my eye I spoke to the nurse and she said I wont be seen at this rate till 9pm (it was midday)... So I said I will go in tomorrow and get it checked to make sure it wont get infected and all that lovely eye stuff.. so off we trot to mums work and get the letter app printed and off we go to ADA to be told this is ADI and ADA havent been there for 10 yrs WTF!!! where have I been... hmmm
I wish I had google maps on my phone... the man was lovely and found me a map and ADA is around the corner from my house DUH I am really feeling like a doofus at this stage of the day but staying strong...... finally off to ADA hand my bits in and finally get home feeling like I have had a f**ktard of a day and being miserable.
Then less than an hour the phone rings asking me to go in for a machine test... PHEW all goood...
what a rant!!!
ANyhoo I hope I get this job, its 6 pm till 11 pm on a 9 day fortnight, great with the kids I don't need childcare and when I have both kids at school I can figure out what I'm gonna do when I grow up!!

What I'm listening to...

Lamb - Gorecki