Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Piratey babies..

We had a Pirate themed birthday to go to on the weekend and I finally used the last of my jack skull knit for a singlet top for my little man.
He is wearing mama made everything today!!

My gorgeous girl got a top out of the Ottobre fall o7 mag.. I really don't like the instructions for some of the clothes in those mags, I ended up winging it and it turned out really nice on her.. I am going to make another for my friends daughter who does not like girly stuff but her mum would like for her to wear some things girly, I think this knit dress might be a happy medium for them both!! I hope...

Oh and my overlocker...GGGGRRRRRR it is driving me crazy.. I cant seem to get the tension right and it refuses to sew with black thread, apparently some machines are funny like that because the black dye in the thread is more dense than in the lighter colours.. it sews with navy blue fine.. go figure!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Bag..!

Well I finally finished this bag for the birthday that starts in an hour!! Thats pretty good really, it means I can have a
This is replacing the bird bag as a gift, this will hold magazines and pens and little girly stuff in general. I really hope she likes it.

My Top stitch is straight it just seems to look wonky in the photo, I think because the dots aren't straight!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I love bags, and I love free patterns..LOL
OTTOBRE design have some great free patterns on their site..
I started making a bird bag for my daughters friend for her birthday but after I finished it I thought she would be too old for it, so I will keep it for a younger girl..
It was the fiddliest thing to make, I am not sure if I will do another. Unless I was asked extremely nicely..!

I also have made some other bags using a free pattern from Ottobre..
A Button Bag and a paisley bag.. I lurve fabric!!!
Here is a pic of the paisley.. I love the colours in this fabric.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Skull Knit... heaps of it!!

I bought 2 mtrs of this fantabulous skull knit from Spotlight and have made heaps of things for all the gorgeous little boys in my life.. All there Birthdays are around the same time..

This was my first attempt at Ottobre clothing.. I love those mags..
So this is my little dude Quinn doing some modeling shots for mum in his skull knit top and red cordies..

These are some fun little pants I made out of Drill for my friends little mans 2nd birthday.. They look great on him..
I made a skull top to go with them too.

This is the back of them, I wasn't too sure I liked this style of pockets on the back, but the looked really good in the end..

This is the whole out fit he got.. Very pirateee cool...

Quinn got some shorts with skull patches but I have to iron them before I put a pic up, another gorgeous little boy got a long T and Quinn got a black hoodie with skull knit lining the hood, I also did one for another gorgeous boy who is turning 4 too!!

And after all the Skull things I still have some left over!!
I am really ready to start sewing some other colours..LOL

I told you I was slack!!

Well its been ages again and like usual I said I was going to write on here and I didn't!!
Anyhoo I have lost 2.5 kilos so far, not as good an effort as I was hoping for but I have lost 9cm of my muffin top, which fingers crossed I can loose all together.. I am still walking nearly every day and am sewing lots, so not much house work gets done in the meantime.. oh well I am sure when I am dead people aren't going to remember me for my messy floor and unfolded washing..I hope.