Monday, June 30, 2008

Polymer stuff that the kids made ages ago!!

I thought I would start putting things that I or the kids have made ....
The kids, Don and I made some polymer beads with the kids awhile ago and then the kids and I sat in the sun and made them into a necklace.. I didn't have to do much helping the kids did a fantastic job..

Just out of the oven...The kids after they made their fabbo jewelry... And what a glorious sunny day... I miss the warm sunny days already.. haha
I think they did such an awesome job, and great colour choices.. :)


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Modeling Shots..

My girl loved her skirt, although if you go by the face expression in the first pic you wouldn't think it..hmmmm
Anyhoo, that face didn't last long.. :)... I am happy with the way it turned out..

Finally hemmed this cute pair of pants...

Like the heading states!!
I made these before my machine blew up and have finally hemmed them..
My UFO pile is slowly shrinking!
I think Quinn is finally twigging that mum is making me try on girl clothes and is refusing today!! haha

FRONT view
BACK view

If I make more of these for the little girls I think I would put more ruffles on the bum cause I think they look cute, or I would lower them a bit... excuse the crinkle they need an iron.. and the fabric is a bit crinkly too..

Must keep on sewing!!!

I am still having issues with my sewing machine not wanting to sew knit fabrics with a twin needle, I am sick of screaming at it so I moved on to finishing a skirt for Taegan out of woven fabrics!!
She is at school at the moment so when she gets home I will get a modeling shot..
I still need to trim the daggy threads off it..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

MY UTE xoxox

ell the legendary men have rebuilt my ute motor... god love em!!
I am excited about driving a real car again, the sort that doesn't drive itself, the sort that you can actually feel on the road and enjoy, the sort that when you drive you know you are the one driving... New cars are horrid for people learning to drive I believe, because they drive themselves, there is no skill to driving there for if you get in a sticky situation you will most likely have no idea about how you are going to get your self out of it... I hope I still have old cars to teach my children the life skills they may need one day!!

Sewing Machine is back...

Again it has been ages since I have posted...
I have my sewing machine back.. woohoo after 3 and a bit weeks..
I havent seemed to swing into it as I would of liked tho.. there always seems to be something that needs to be done, like dinner or kid stuff.. oh well, I will hopefully get my groove back soon.. I have how ever made Quinn some PJ's and the dog a new jumper!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I miss my machine!!!

Well I haven't posted for awhile.. so I thought I should do some updating!!
I blew up the motor in my 30+ yr old Pfaff... how depressing, I got a phone call from the Mr fix it man and he said he can replace the motor with a 2nd hand one, and told me I deserve a medal for blowing up a Pfaff motor as it doesn't happen that often... I dont know what I did that was any different to anyone else.. maybe the 7+ hrs straight sewing the day before... hmmm I oil it and all the stuff you are supposed to do.. maybe It was telling me I needed a break from sewing for a week or two..
I miss it tho, I have been drawing pictures of stuff I want to construct... I haven't figured out how I'm going to pay for it yet, along with the mountains of bills and the living.. god dang for having to eat to survive!!! ;)
Quinn and I have got a chesty yucko bug... non stop barking till your chest and throat feel like they are on fire..not fun..
Taegan has been doing really well with her chinese Lion dancing and seems to be really loving it.. she is such a visual learner which I can sooo relate to.. She has such a nice posture and a strength about her for a 7 yr old, I think Lion Dance is going to be really good for her in so many ways...
And just so you dont get confused between Lion Dance and Line Dance, this is what I mean...haha