Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Cheeky Chocolattte Boy..

I forgot to put this up the other day..
Now that my nearly 2 yr old is climbing out of bed he is oh so quietly getting into mischief in the mornings...
I woke up to the stench of a nappy needing to be changed and as I opened my eyes I had these brown hands launching for my face..well i nearly back flipped over Don, caught the hands before they touched anything thinking OMFG.. well thank goodness there was the sweet smell of chocolate not what I was expecting...hang on a minute what the!!! Oh god no, I left the drinking choc on the bench the night before... as I walked into the lounge I see the container on the coffee table and chocolate silt all over (cringe), I keep walking into the kitchen where Quinn had beat me to and I found him sitting in the middle of it with a bubble blower making chocolattttte fun!!!! I could not even be angry, I was more relieved that it was choc brown all over rather than poo all over!!!
Oh there is actually a print on the front of his t-shirt it was so thick with choc silt you couldn't see

My Vacuum wasn't a happy camper after cleaning the chocolate silt.. it was a bit buuuurrry to.. What is it with me and household appliances????


Suze said...

PMSL!!!! You didn't mention the threatened poo hands at the forum! Hahaha that makes it even funnier, can just picture you backflipping over Don BWAHAHAhahaha Cheeky little fella, and yet, so irresistable, all chocolatey and gorgeous! :D

Taiche said...

Haha, I thought it might of been TMI!! bahaha he has me in stitches all the bloomin time..!