Tuesday, October 7, 2008

stuff doing..

I have made some stuff in the last few months, just not much, in between kids, life and sewing machines that are having emotional breakdowns!!grrr

Summer JimJams for the chidlets.. :)

A pair of Otto pants for Taegans half sisters birthday... I think these are really cute!
Front view...
Back view...
I finally finished Daisy's(Taegan's cousin) little Otto outfit.
Quinn before he had a hair cut looks so pretty as a model.. haha Don didn't think so, he made him a sign.. :p

Taegan got a pettiskirt as part of her birthday present, she also got her ears pierced, she has been asking me for years and I finally agreed.. :o
Some little Otto shorts, these are a great little pattern and look cute as on, I think Quinn will be getting more of these for summer.. :)

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naomi said...

you have been so busy and everything looks so amazing!! I saw the Pjs on CM and thought they were great...feeling very inspired to make some for my girlies.