Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Girly Skulls :)

I love pink and black together on girls, I have wanted to make this for awhile but haven't because I don't have a little, little girl, Taegan is growing out of the cutesy sizes.. But one of Dons friends is in love with the skull knit and has been asking me to make something for his little girl for months, so I hope he likes it!!
I managed to find a stray battery lying around to swap with one in the camera, I managed to get 2 extra pics..LOL yes people I still haven't got batteries..I cant even manage to get everything that I put on a shopping list let alone remember to put things on the darn list!!

This is another little Ottobre dress, I am feeling depressed that I haven't been able to update my subscription due to lack of fundage!! :(


naomi said...

this dress turned out great! I made the same pattern a few weeks ago for my little girl but it turned out massive:( I think I will be able to put it away for next summer though.

Suze said...

OMG that is unreal. The fabric is so cool, and I love the pink to set it all off. Gods, you're good lady!

And can I say - I am sooooo chuffed to have a Taiche-creation of my very own! Hubby loves it too - his little guy is gonna be a rock-kid whether he likes it or not LOL Thanks again hon xx