Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cute pinni and pants!!

I think they are cute anyhoo.. I am a really bad photographer but thats ok I sew not take photos for hobby.. haha thank goodness!!
This is out of another Ottobre magazine, 1/08 I think.
I love the way they turned out although I really have to learn to read the destructions because I seem to get ahead of myself and miss important steps..LOL never mind only a little bit of unpicking.
While I was outside taking really bad shots I had a baby magpie come and say hello, there is a mum and two babies that come in everyday to see if there is any cat food left in the bowl but since Obar the staffy figured out he could jump onto the table the cat is lucky to even get some..poor Mishka!!
here is a cute pic of baby maggie...

And here is a really bad pic of a really cute outfit...

Maybe I need to ask santa for a new camera!!

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