Friday, November 12, 2010

jeeps well it has been awhile...again!

A word from the worlds slackest blogger...
I really should update this thing a lot more, well maybe I will now that I have broken my damn leg and cant do much else but sit on my bum while it heals!
Roller Derby seems to have consumed my life for the last 18 months, it has been a crazy awesome journey and have loved every moment...well nearly every!
I broke my leg at a family and friends scrimmage we played in a few weeks ago and have been off it for nearly 3 weeks...I don't think I have ever been bored in my life until now, there is always something to do as a mum or crafter but at the moment I am sitting, reading, smegbooking...I have attempted a few loads of dishes, I only seem to last until my toes go purple and foot feels like it's about to drop off....ahhh well the price you pay for fun hey!
Here are some photos of the leg.

This one was taken by Scarlett Savage a few seconds after the crunch... I won't repeat what I was saying!

This is the before x-rayThis is the after op part bionic, shame they just couldn't give me the set up they gave the guy in the movie Kick Ass!
Not gonna be a pretty scar!
Now that I have some spare bum time I might blog about some other stuff thats been happening over the last year!

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willow and moo said...

Holy cow woman! That is one serious break!!!

And yes, you will have to start blogging a bit more now! You know you could blog about your roller derby adventures.