Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Derby Saved My Soul....and gut...and rear!

The Dolls and I have decided we would share some before and after pics... The change in body shape for every single one of our girls has been amazing, whether they have been over weight or thin to begin with. All the girls even the slimmer girls get more shape, look healthier, look stronger and seem to stand with so much more confidence.
For me personally I feel better than I have for years even pre kids when I was a lot smaller.
I realised whilst looking through photo albums that I didn't let people take many pics of me when I was at my biggest but I did manage to find one in there that was taken just before I started derby and compared it to one taken the 24th of Oct this year (the day I broke myself).
I will never complain about doing another sit up in my life!

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willow and moo said...

Wow, Taiche, you can really see a difference!