Thursday, June 19, 2008

MY UTE xoxox

ell the legendary men have rebuilt my ute motor... god love em!!
I am excited about driving a real car again, the sort that doesn't drive itself, the sort that you can actually feel on the road and enjoy, the sort that when you drive you know you are the one driving... New cars are horrid for people learning to drive I believe, because they drive themselves, there is no skill to driving there for if you get in a sticky situation you will most likely have no idea about how you are going to get your self out of it... I hope I still have old cars to teach my children the life skills they may need one day!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you got the ute back woman! I totally agree with today's car's. Steveo had a mongrel ute, she was a beast and you could definately feel her and know you were the one in control and driving the tank, lol. xoxox.

Xiola said...

Taiche, I love your car! I don't think there's anything you could wear that wouldn't go with it LOL!