Thursday, June 26, 2008

Must keep on sewing!!!

I am still having issues with my sewing machine not wanting to sew knit fabrics with a twin needle, I am sick of screaming at it so I moved on to finishing a skirt for Taegan out of woven fabrics!!
She is at school at the moment so when she gets home I will get a modeling shot..
I still need to trim the daggy threads off it..


Sara said...

Taiche, love it! Hope Taegan likes it. :)
I'm frustrated for you about twin needle not working too. I love seeing your work with knits!

Taiche said...

Thanks Sara, I am going to have more of a play and when it stuffs up again I am going to take the machine back, fabric and all still attatched and ask WHAT am I doing wrong or what is wrong with my machine.... grrrr