Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I miss my machine!!!

Well I haven't posted for awhile.. so I thought I should do some updating!!
I blew up the motor in my 30+ yr old Pfaff... how depressing, I got a phone call from the Mr fix it man and he said he can replace the motor with a 2nd hand one, and told me I deserve a medal for blowing up a Pfaff motor as it doesn't happen that often... I dont know what I did that was any different to anyone else.. maybe the 7+ hrs straight sewing the day before... hmmm I oil it and all the stuff you are supposed to do.. maybe It was telling me I needed a break from sewing for a week or two..
I miss it tho, I have been drawing pictures of stuff I want to construct... I haven't figured out how I'm going to pay for it yet, along with the mountains of bills and the living.. god dang for having to eat to survive!!! ;)
Quinn and I have got a chesty yucko bug... non stop barking till your chest and throat feel like they are on fire..not fun..
Taegan has been doing really well with her chinese Lion dancing and seems to be really loving it.. she is such a visual learner which I can sooo relate to.. She has such a nice posture and a strength about her for a 7 yr old, I think Lion Dance is going to be really good for her in so many ways...
And just so you dont get confused between Lion Dance and Line Dance, this is what I mean...haha


Suze said...

Wow, Lion Dance looks really cool! I never knew there was such a thing, but it's quirky, I love it! Go Taegs!

Claire said...

Oh My, are you getting the shakes??? I would be suffering rather terrible withdrawl symptoms without my machine that long. Best wishes Pfaff for a speedy recovery!! Sorry I have a terrible sense of humour! :)

Taiche said...

Suze, she absolutely loves it and has since she was little...

Claire-Spunky, Hi.. It has been a struggle without it... I think thats why I'm sick, it must be withdrawals..LMAO
I love a terrible sense of humour, they are more than welcome here, I won't be lonely then!!

Violet said...

oh machine and Sick...not good!! :-( Hope Quinn and You get better soon and you get your machine back REAL soon.