Friday, May 16, 2008

Yay Batteries!!

Ok here is the little dress with shorties for Stace's neice.. these wont fit her untill Summer..

And here is a close up of the rainbow fabric.. it is so cute.. I used green and purple thread on the binding, I dont think you can see it too well with my camera..


naomi said...

these are great! I particularly love the red is my favorite. How do you get your sewing so neat on the edges? Does your overlocker have a cover stitch?

Taiche said...

Hi Naomi, I sew right sides of binding and fabric together then iron over so it sits nice then fold it under and use a twin needle or decorative stitch or if I am feeling plain just one stitch, then when I am done I trim the excess of and its done... Oh I wish for a cover stitch..LOL