Thursday, May 15, 2008

ahh well

Done catching up on the blogging, time for a cuppa and some other blog surfing..
But before I go, some random home shots of this last week!!

This is my beautiful Mothers Day card that my big girl gave me, I love it..

She Came home from her dads after having a fantastic time at the Teddy bears Picnic in Castlemaine with her face painted, it is amazing.. I think it was actually the Castlemaine Peace Festival...

Taegan's rabbit Custard.. it is her first Winter, she comes inside of the night..spoilt thing!
She is extremely cute, she is a Dwarf Lop, in saying that she isn't so small...
And in the yard, Dont you love the way kids put their bikes away, even when you supply them a bike rack they seem to think this is how you stack the bl**dy things..LOL

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