Saturday, November 3, 2007

Polymer Fun!!

Hi there,

I am really wanting to learn how to make gorgeous faeries, pixies and stuff like that, so I figure the only way to learn is to start playin!!

A couple of weeks ago I pulled out the polymer clay and decided I would attempt a Brian Froud pixie, the one I have tattooed on my tum..

For a first attempt he is okay, he looks a little evil but meh, never mind!!

Now I will try to figure out how to post a picture and we'll be rollin... ;-)

Sweet, it worked!!

Anywho, this is him..

My Second attempt was a bit tragic!

I was going great guns all day making a wire armature and polymer hands, feet and head for a pixie and it was looking good!! well it was looking ok for a second attempt.....

This is him before he went in the oven... All was going good at this stage and I was feeling excited about my little project..

Then Clutsville set in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was taking it out of the oven I burnt myself on the dish and auto threw the friggin thing and broke the pixies ears off and busted his nose...

Now he looks more like Choppa!!!!


Oh well I'll dress him and put a hat on him and see how he goes... When he is finished I'll post a pic.

Well thats my Polymer rant for the moment... I will see if my mum will let me post some pics of her amazing works that one day hopefully I may be able to come artistically close to..

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