Sunday, July 6, 2008

A weekend of shoosh..

The big kids went away this weekend and the Mighty Quinn decided he would sleep through the day for me... Whoooot
Since Friday night the house started to get productive which has been great.

Friday night Don finished the guitar he did up for Jed's 10th birthday. It started out as a glossy black thing with tacky stickers all over it and he vamped it up to this...

I think it is AWESOME.. he put Jeds initials on the front of the head stock and his date of birth on the back.. Geez my Donni is clever..

On the Saturday Quinn had a sleep and I hit the sewing room and made these cushion covers for mums friend.. woohoo a paid job.. haha I finally finished the suits I was making when my machine broke down....

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naomi said...

I absolutly love the cushion covers, the fabric is great! And those little outfits are just the cutest...glad to see you are making up for all those lost hours of sewing:)